Friday, April 8, 2011

Oliver's Twist in "PhinneyWood"

Remember when Greenwood and Phinney Ridge were two different neighborhoods? Well, seems they are now becoming Siamese twins joined at the intersection of Greenwood Ave. & 65th St. North. It is in the heart of this new/old neighborhood that you will find Oliver's Twist.
I have been meaning to give this joint a look. The menu is short on food and long on drink. I started off with their signature Truffle Popcorn and a Pilsner. These were served up by a bartender that was having a great time taking excellent care of his audience around the bar. As a matter of fact, all of th
e staff I came in contact with seemed to enjoy what they were doing. This goes a long way in making an evening out fun. Anyhow, back to the is very good, although it would have been much better if it had been warm. Mine came cold and a bit greasy.
Next up was a plate of duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes! These were so damn good I can't describe them in words. My only criticism was the "aoli" that was served with them. I'm pretty sure it was plain sour cream. Now, I don't have anything against sour cream, and it was great with these perfectly roas
ted spuds, but maybe they should try Mexican sour cream. It's a bit saltier and richer. Just my opinion....
The evening was finished with chocolate gelato with peanut butter caram
el & sea salt. It was perfection on a spoon!!! I paired this with Yamazaki Single Malt Whiskey served up neat.
Now if I could just remember where I was.......Greenwood?.........Phinney?......??

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